Saskia 's Solo Act

Puts a wireless trumpet dimension to your DJ's dance party 

Performing with special effects devices around her waist which she operates with one hand whilst playing the trumpet with the other, Saskia walks around, wireless amplified, and adds an extra dimension to contemporary house, techno, funk, electronica, R&B, hip-hop, reggae, downtempo and drum’n’bass.


the latest dance music and original material coming from her three electric CD 's, as well as new unrecorded music.

line up

Saskia plays with deejay or her own backing tracks 

press quotes

"her performance was large. It was exactly the kind of thing that keeps jazz alive." By Philip Woolever for AllAboutJazz, USA Nov 18, 2014 

"They’re riding on a heatwave." By Jim Santella, in Jazz Improv magazine, USA oktober 2005. 

"Saskia mixes styles of music and culture as if they had always meant to be together" By J. Lyon Layden, in Creative Loafing, GA, USA February 2001.



Saskia Laroo is one of those all too few artists who are not afraid to be called an entertainer. In her own words: "I like it when people have a good time and dance while I play. I don ’t want to play just for other [musicians]." Whether it 's her musical performance or just her stage presence, she always does it with style, striking the eye, the ear and the heart.

ToURS & Performances

2015: Sugarfactory for Amsterdam Dance Event, India tour.
2014 & 2013: Amsterdam clubs w Dansor; Bergen JF w DJ Miss Smile& No Sugar; w Hans Dulfer's Dance band at Amersfoort Jazz 2014; 2012: Finland w DJ Robbie Taylor; 2011: India tour w DJ Robbie Taylor; 2010: With Digitizer in the USA; 2007: Brazil clubs with her keyboardist Warren Byrd; 2002: MTV showed her performance with DJ at Naomi Campbell 's Party in the prestigeous Cipriani Hall in New York. 2000: with DJ Ken Ishi from Japan (with Hans Dulfer) at the Northsea JF; 1996: She played at the Olympic Stadion of Seoul with her own backing tape.  Various years: Dutch DJ’s Ronald Molendijk, Franky D, Michel le Hey, DJ Dimitri, Arley, Buscemi, Maestro etc.

Special Guest

Hungarian Composer and DJ Dansor / Comport Records from Hungary teams up w Laroo on Dance parties 
line up: 2 (plus guests)