They Love to make Music Miles

Jazzkia is Saskia Laroo’s Jazz Quartet and featuring a multi-national cast of jazz and cross-over musicians. They have toured across the world, curiously exploring new sound and groove combinations of electric and acoustic music with respect to tradition. 


Famous straight-ahead jazz sandarts, plus  specially selected compositions from Saskia's pen

line up

4 (+ guests)

Press Quotes

-Some fools say jazz is also a monolith. Not as long as there are vibrant energizers like Laroo's crew playing. Her stage was small scale, but her performance was large. It was exactly the kind of thing that keeps jazz alive. Philip Woolever for AllAboutJazz, Nov 18, 2014

"Her harmon mute playing on Blackbird managed to suggest [Miles] Davis without attempting to imitate him." By Don Heckman, in LA Times. December, 2000.  

"Her muted trumpet may remind you of Miles, but the style and improv are strictly that of a rising star in the jazz world."   
By Arthur C. Bourassa, in Jazz Now. November, 1999.



Jazzkia is the title of Saskia's third CD and the name of the quartet she formed in 1995, to cull lovers of acoustic jazz and cross-over music. Whereas the repertoire primarily consists of her original compositions which invoke jazz giants such as Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, and their likes, the Jazzkia concept is a direct homage to Miles Davis. With all this tradition well-absorbed, still Saskia burgeons on the 21st century with relevance, boldness, and originality.

Tours & performances

2015: Italy; India; the Netherlands; Poland; the USA 
2014: The Netherlands, Poland, the USA. 
2013: Thailand - Bankgkok Festivals & Koh Samui Latin & Jazz  
2012: Greece - Tinos Jazz Festival; Panama - Boquete Jazz & Blues; Turkey tour - Dutch Delight ft Sevket Akinci (g); Ukraine tour ft Ark Ovrutski (b) 
2011: Belgium: Gouvy Jazz; Brazil: Rio as Ostras Jazz e Blues; Canada: Sunfest; Finland: Imatra Big Band Festival; Croatia tour; Poland: Memorial to Miles Davis, Kielce; the Netherlands: Amersfoort Jazzfestival etc. 
2010: Chile: Puerto Montt Freee Jazz Festival & Chile tour; Germany : Women in Jazz, Halle; India: Jazz Yatra; Bulgaria: Balcik; Serbia: Nisville Jazz Festival. 
Other tours: Brazil: Sampa Jazz Festival 2008 | Singapore: Mosaic Jazz Festival 2008 | China tour 2007 | South Africa: Capetown Jazz Festival 2007 | Switzerland: Montreux Jazz Festival 2007 | Thailand: Bangkok Jazz Festival 2007 | Nicaragua: Festival para el Tolerancia 2005| Surinam: Paramaribo Jazz Festival 2005 | China tour 2004 | India: Jazz Yatra 2004 | Sofia Jazz Festival 1999 | the Netherlands: Northsea Jazz Festival 2000 ft Teddy Edwards (tenor sax) and more.