About Jazzkia: A Musical Journey 

Welcome to Jazzkia, a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation in the world of jazz. Jazzkia is not only the title of Saskia's third CD but also the name of the quartet that she passionately formed in 1995. This musical endeavor was crafted to enchant enthusiasts of acoustic jazz and cross-over music, offering a unique blend of timeless classics and contemporary creativity. 

At the heart of Jazzkia's repertoire are Saskia Laroo's original compositions, paying homage to jazz legends such as Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, and more. The Jazzkia concept itself is a heartfelt tribute to the pioneering Miles Davis, infusing the spirit of his innovation into every note. 

While tradition is the foundation, Saskia Laroo and the Jazzkia Quartet embrace the 21st century with unwavering relevance, fearless boldness, and unwavering originality. Their music transcends eras, making it a captivating experience for listeners of all backgrounds. 

In a testament to their versatility, the Jazzkia Quartet has garnered requests for the groundbreaking program "Jazzkia Meets HipHop." In these exceptional performances, the quartet transforms into a quintet with the addition of a rap vocalist, creating a vibrant fusion of jazz and hip-hop. 

Join us on a musical journey that bridges the past and present, where Jazzkia's melodies resonate with the spirit of Miles Davis while pushing the boundaries of contemporary jazz.

Pure acoustic and elctrifying jazz 

Press Quotes

  • Some fools say jazz is also a monolith. Not as long as there are vibrant energizers like Laroo's crew playing. Her stage was small scale, but her performance was large. It was exactly the kind of thing that keeps jazz alive. Philip Woolever for AllAboutJazz, Nov 18, 2014
  • "Her harmon mute playing on Blackbird managed to suggest [Miles] Davis without attempting to imitate him." By Don Heckman, in LA Times. December, 2000.  
  • "Her muted trumpet may remind you of Miles, but the style and improv are strictly that of a rising star in the jazz world."   By Arthur C. Bourassa, in Jazz Now. November, 1999.


tours & performances

  • 2023: the Netherlands, the US
  • 2022: India, Thailand, Serbia, the Netherlands, the US
  • 2021: the Netherlands, the US
  • 2020: India (World Music Fest in Mumbai & Pune), the Netherlands, the US
  • 2019: Burundi (Dutch Kings Day), the Netherlands, Thailand (Krabi naga Fest), the US
  • 2018: the Netherlands, the US, Vietnam
  • 2017: Serbia, South Korea, the Netherlands, the US
  • 2016: China, Croatia, India, Indonesia
  • 2015: Italy; India; the Netherlands; Poland; the USA 
  • 2014: The Netherlands, Poland, the USA. 
  • 2013: Thailand, Zimbabwe  
  • 2012: Greece ,Panama, Turkey, Ukraine