Duo Laroo/Byrd

About Duo Laroo/Byrd 

Experience the harmonious fusion of world-renowned trumpeter Saskia Laroo and international pianist/vocalist Warren Byrd. Together, they craft a musical tapestry that spans the spectrum of occasions, from grand gala-fests to intimate gatherings. 

Duo Laroo/Byrd's repertoire is as diverse as it is enchanting. Whether delivering captivating dance classics, interpreting the American songbook, igniting the stage with hot afro-Latin grooves, or sharing their own catchy and soulful originals, this dynamic duo effortlessly adapts to suit your musical desires. They can provide a soothing backdrop, set the stage for a lively party, or become the centerpiece of a grand showcase. 

The magic of Laroo and Byrd knows no bounds, ready to enchant any setting at any time. And if the occasion calls for it, they can seamlessly transform from a mesmerizing duo into a full band. In response to recent requests, they've even expanded their ensemble into a funky quartet, proudly introducing the Laroo/Byrd Funky4. 

Prepare to be captivated by the musical mastery of Duo Laroo/Byrd as they take you on a captivating journey through a world of melodies and rhythms.

Pure organic jazz

press quotes

  • "Because they so obviously love the duo format and thrive on collaborating with each other, they generate an upbeat feeling with their playing that flows, never flags". 
  • "Each player shines on his or her own while simultaneously inspiring one another and accentuating one another's strengths. As part of the buoyant mood, they accentuate the positive but never have to eliminate the negative because there isn't any". 
  • "You just get accustomed to Lady Miles musing on trumpet, and the next thing you know the Flying Dutchwoman is soaring on booming standup bass. And it's not just an acoustic shtick, but the real deal". 

By Owen mcNally for the Hartford Advocate, Nov 7, 2011.


Biography of Saskia Laroo 

Saskia Laroo, a native of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is a prominent figure in the world of music and stands as one of the finest female trumpet players globally. Her musical journey began at the young age of eight when she first picked up the trumpet. As a teenager, she expanded her musical talents by learning to play the cello and guitar. 

While initially enrolling as a mathematics major in college, Saskia's passion for music eventually led her to switch her focus. She went on to graduate from the Muziekacademie of Hilversum, solidifying her dedication to a career in music. 

Saskia Laroo's versatility has been a driving force behind her illustrious career. She has showcased her musical prowess across various genres, from Latin and jazz to pop. Notably, she has collaborated with legends like Hans Dulfer and Teddy Edwards. 

In 1994, Saskia released her debut CD, "It's Like Jazz," under her own label, Laroo Records. Since then, she has produced seven CDs and a DVD, showcasing a diverse range of styles, from classic jazz to club-influenced acid jazz fusion. Her music has graced venues worldwide, with performances in over twenty countries across six continents.

Biography of Warren Byrd 

Warren Byrd, hailing from Hartford, Connecticut, is a celebrated pianist and vocalist with an extensive list of international credits and tours. His musical journey began at a remarkably young age, with early experiences in a gospel choir at the age of four. Throughout his high school years, he showcased his talents as an amateur actor, singer, and pianist. 

Despite earning a full scholarship for a voice major at Hartt College of Music, Warren chose to focus on jazz piano and composition, largely teaching himself. His remarkable abilities have taken him from freelancing with notable musicians like Archie Shepp and Eddie Henderson to leading gospel choirs and composing for theater and dance productions. 

In 1999, Warren achieved recognition by finishing in the top twenty-five in the Monk International Competition for Piano. He subsequently released his CD, "Truth Raised Twice." Warren is not only a co-founder and leader of Duo Laroo/Byrd but also a versatile performer, freelancing, collaborating with Saskia's other groups, delivering solo piano performances, and leading his own ensemble, the Byrdspeak Ensemble.