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Welcome to Laroo Bookings Management, where musical excellence takes center stage. Explore our diverse lineup of talented artists, including: 


Experience the rhythms of this multi-national groove unit as they grace major music festivals across the globe. With a dynamic ensemble ranging from 5 to 8 musicians, plus special guests, the Saskia Laroo Band delivers unforgettable performances. 


Immerse yourself in the world of jazz with Saskia Laroo on trumpet and the versatile pianist/vocalist Warren Byrd. Together, they create pure organic jazz, bridging the musical traditions of Holland and the US. Enjoy their artistry with a lineup of 2 musicians, complemented by guest appearances. 


Savor the sounds of Jazzkia as this talented lady, Saskia Laroo, conjures Miles on Trumpet with her quartet. Delve into Straight Ahead bebop and boogaloo infused with captivating acoustic and electric elements. Jazzkia's ensemble consists of 4 musicians, often joined by guest performers. 

At Laroo Bookings Management, we bring you the best in musical entertainment. Join us in celebrating these exceptional artists and their unique sounds. 

Whether you're a jazz enthusiast, a fan of organic jazz, or seeking eclectic acoustic and electric vibes, our artists are here to delight audiences of all tastes and preferences. 

Get ready for a musical journey like no other with Saskia Laroo and her talented collaborators.

Saskia Laroo Band

Multi-national groove unit performing on major music festivals all over the world.
Line up: 5-8 musicians (+ guests)

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Duo Laroo/Byrd