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Welcome to Laroo Bookings, your gateway to a world of musical experiences led by Saskia Laroo, a renowned trumpeter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and the owner of the independent record label, Laroo Records. 

🎶 Our music transcends boundaries, offering a seamless blend of electronic and acoustic jazz, pop, world, and dance influences. It's a sonic journey where these genres harmonize as if they've always been one. 

🌍 We take our music global, performing at both grand festivals and intimate clubs, resonating through concert halls and more. Our performances are more than shows; they're interactive musical adventures. 

🎤 At Laroo Bookings, we welcome audiences of all ages and cultures. Whether you're a jazz enthusiast, a fan of world music, or looking for a fusion of genres, our music has something to offer everyone. 

Join us on this musical odyssey and be part of the magic that is Saskia Laroo and Laroo Records.


Explore our diverse programs, including Funk-HipHop, Gospel-Blues, Jazz-World, Afro-Soul, DJ+Instrument, and Workshops-Masterclasses.